Energy generation and storage

We generate and store energy to help balance the grid

Conrad Energy is a fast-growing Independent Power Producer, with a large portfolio of energy generation assets located throughout Great Britain. Our 85 sites, operational or in construction, have a potential to generate 945MW of power making us one of the leading flexible energy providers in the country. To support the grid, we generate, store and manage energy using a variety of technologies including:

Flexible power

When renewables can’t meet demand, we power the grid using strategically located gas engines.

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Renewable power

From solar to wind, we’re rapidly increasing our renewable assets to help speed up the UK’s transition to a greener energy system.

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Energy storage

We’re investing heavily in batteries to provide power and stability to the grid.

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Grid stability

We’re building two synchronous condensers in the UK to help maintain grid stability as the nation increasingly relies on renewables.

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