As the UK’s renewable energy resources grow, we need flexible generation assets such as our own to balance the demands of the grid when weather conditions are unsuitable.

We provide fast, flexible energy to the grid when renewables can’t meet demand. Our proprietary software iON+ selects and sends energy from our power assets – providing unrivalled efficiency through machine learning and automation.

Conrad Energy operates a number of flexible gas engine sites around the UK, as well as developing renewable energy projects. Whilst these gas engines have a carbon footprint, their intermittent and short-term use to fill gaps for the grid is much better for the environment than relying on coal for all our energy needs, as we once did.

Our aim is to support the UK’s energy needs with as little environmental impact as possible and to take us forward fast to net zero. That’s why we are building battery sites, exploring hydrogen as a more environmentally friendly, flexible energy solution and adding more renewable energy sources to our portfolio. When we build a new site, we take great care to minimise the impact on local residents and the environment.

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