Market Overview

Fast response, highly flexible generation is able to bridge the gap between supply and demand.

Supply and demand for electricity must be matched, or balanced, at all times. However, electricity is a unique product that cannot currently be stored in large quantities. Additionally, stressed reserve margins are currently being experienced in the UK electricity grid system which cannot be alleviated by the current energy generation infrastructure.

Conrad Energy can generate power from either propane or natural gas for sale, via licensed suppliers, to District Network Operators through local electricity distribution networks to relieve the balancing pressures experienced by National Grid at peak times.

How it works
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Propane Fuel

Propane stored in tanks on site used as a fuel

Natural Gas

Natural gas close to the site or compressed/liquefied gas stored on site used as a fuel

Small Electricity Generating System

Small 1MW gas reciprocating engines used to generate electricity

Storage Charged At Off-Peak-Hours

Batteries charged during off-peak hours to then be discharged during times of peak power demand

Peak Hours
Electricity Storage Facility

Modular units of 1MW can be scaled up to any size to meet demand

Local Electricity Distribution Network

Electricity distributed only locally avoiding National Grid’s Transmission Network and helping to balance the network

Electricity Distribution Through Licenced Suppliers

Conrad sells locally through licensed suppliers

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Domestic Customers

Local homeowners supplied at time of peak demand between 4-7 pm

Industrial/Commercial Customers

Local businesses supplied through the local electricity distribution network or even directly through a private wire