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Commercial energy solutions

Optimise on site energy generation and supply strategy to navigate the energy trilemma.

Balancing the grid

Our flexible assets are essential to support the rapid growth of weather dependent renewable energy projects.


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Conrad Energy is powering a changing world

Climate change is the biggest challenge of our time so the energy landscape is rapidly evolving. The UK’s power network requires smart solutions to keep the lights on.

That’s where Conrad Energy comes in.

Our growing generation portfolio powers the equivalent of over a million homes mostly when variable wind and solar assets are not able too. We have over 100 experts dedicated to supporting this critical national infrastructure supporting the UKʼs energy transition to net zero by 2050. Our growing business energy services support the delivery of power solutions to commercial and industrial businesses, optimising energy for our customers, network operators and the national grid.

We are a power company with integrity, creating solutions which make a positive difference. We are experts in the fast-moving energy market, working collaboratively with our partners and suppliers to make great things happen. Our innovative and knowledgeable team are dedicated to achieving great things at a critical time for the energy industry.

Whether we are balancing the grid or supporting customers, we provide bespoke, fully funded and cost effective solutions focused on the transition to a low carbon economy. Everything is here under one roof.

Your energy solutions are our business.

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Recent Conrad Energy projects


Technology: Gas
Capacity: 20MW

This 8 generator project was constructed by Conrad in 2018 and is supplying fast response power to meet demand during peak periods and periods of generation shortfall.

Conrad Energy Matching project


Technology: Gas
Capacity: 6MW

This 3 generator plant is located in an active rural yard space to the east of the village of Matching Green. This project will generate sufficient local electricity for 3600 average homes.

Conrad Energy Calne project


Technology: Gas
Capacity: 6MW

This 3 generator project will be operational in summer 2019. It is co-located in an active haulage yard to the north of Calne. The project will provide flexible power to balance the local electricity network.