Flexible power

Conrad Energy is the UK’s leading flexible energy generator and plays a critical role in ensuring our energy stability and security.

As the volume of renewable energy powering the grid increases, flexible energy solutions such as smaller gas engines are essential to plug the gaps when there is a lack of wind or sunshine, or at times of system stress.

Whilst gas have a carbon footprint, this can be minimised by selecting the most appropriate site to turn on and off for the shortest possible time. Our market-leading asset management software iON+ was developed to do exactly this, automatically selecting the most suitable source for each flexible power need.

Through our strategically located sites across Great Britain, we can provide flexible power from a number of sources, with iON+ ensuring the most efficient choice every time.

We are also investing in projects to explore the creation and use of hydrogen gas as a form of cleaner fuel.


We use fast-start reciprocating engines to generate power for the grid when renewables can’t meet demand.


We’re exploring green hydrogen as a cleaner alternative to natural gas.

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