About us

Building a better world for generations to come

A full-service Independent Power Producer (IPP), Conrad Energy delivers power to the National Grid and commercial customers.

We contribute to a more sustainable future by supporting renewable energy growth through installing flexible generation, battery storage and renewables. We also now supply electricity from the grid.

Conrad Energy own and operate over 60 sites across the UK hosting 700MW of flexible generation and over 150MW of battery storage. With more than 22 sites in construction our growing portfolio and team makes us a market leader across the board, from energy markets, to technology, regulation and finance.

There is more to us than you might think.

We work with commercial clients to maximise the potential of on-site generation and energy import arrangements. We reduce your energy costs by implementing improved energy efficiency measures, optimizing existing infrastructure and installing a range of technologies appropriate to your needs.

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Owning and operating assets gives us the insight to manage third party assets. Our Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) give customers peace of mind and optimal outcomes, whatever the technology, as we treat the generation like our own.

We believe that value can only be fully unlocked by having access to all markets. Our trading desk and optimisation team has the industry experience and technical know-how to make the most of all market opportunities. Using our innovative ‘Vision’ algo-trading platform, we deliver market leading results. Our services allow owners of all generation assets to gain access to the markets, maximising revenue and minimising cost.

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As a portfolio company of I Squared Capital, Conrad Energy is a financially stable partner for short- or long-term plans to help you save money and maximise your energy assets.