Our history

Our short history is one of rapid but sustainable growth.

Conrad Energy was set up as a flexible energy generator in 2016, helping to balance the grid when renewables can’t meet demand. Our drive to do this in a more environmentally friendly way has led to huge investment in new, greener technologies such as batteries and in software to make processes more efficient – saving money and reducing carbon.

We began working with business customers in 2019, buying and selling energy and we set about developing and acquiring our own renewable generation assets – including our first solar farm – in early 2023. In less than a decade and driven by transformational technology, we have become a leading Independent Power Producer (IPP) and the UK’s number one flexible energy provider.

Everyone at Conrad Energy is proud to be facilitating an efficient and reliable transition to greener energy, powering a changing world as we fast forward to net zero.

Powering ahead


Conrad Energy founded


ISQ become principal investor with £150M of seed capital


Complete first site acquisition

First development sites pre-qualified for Capacity Market auctions

Acquired our first shovel-ready project to export electricity at Chatterley Whitfield

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First site bid into National Grid STOR programme


Electricity Supply Licence received

First site commissioned

First organic project to be originated, developed and constructed goes live at Calne

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Trading desk live

Acquisition of Viridis Power creates the largest flexible generation platform in the UK

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Conrad Energy Community Fund established

Acquisition of Conrad Energy’s first operational Battery Energy Storage System at Flitwick

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Sign 104MWh battery energy storage order with GE Renewable Energy

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Award of 2 Pathfinder 3 contracts by NGESO for grid stability services (10 year term)

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Acquisition of TGG Solutions

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Sign deal with Tesla to purchase Megapack batteries

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Planning permission for first solar farm obtained at Larport

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Acquisition of AGR Triplepoint assets – 9 sites, 65.5MW

Steven Hardman, CEO, Conrad Energy and His Majesty's Lord Lieutenant, Nigel Atkinson. Image credit: Kevin Poolman Photography


Achieved Silver Armed Forces award

Significant corporate PPA deal with BNP Paribas signed

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Construction begins at Walpole and Eye on Pathfinder projects

Conrad Energy battery site

First self-built battery storage projects energised at Blackpool and Winchester

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Conrad Energy become Official Power Partner and Official Sleeve Sponsor of Harlequins

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