CHP and flexible generation

Combined heat and power (CHP)

One of the energy options for meeting the UK’s goal of net zero is the decarbonisation of heat through flexible CHP. Flexible CHP is at the forefront, providing a balancing power to the energy system and heating to cities and towns. We have incorporated flexible CHP into our vision for a decarbonised UK, powered by green gas and hydrogen in the future.

Flexible generation

The increasing proportion of renewable generation is helping the UK to reduce its CO2 emissions but is adding increased intermittency to the grid. The national grid requires access to fast response, secure and flexible generation to ensure grid resiliency. This is where flexible generation comes in.

Flexible generation provides a service that can speedily respond to demands on the grid, enabling additional energy to be fed into the network when it is most needed. Whilst flexible generation has a carbon footprint, it is an essential part of the overall transition to renewable energy for the UK as it ensures supply is maintained.

Our generators are key to balancing the grid and facilitate the addition of clean, zero carbon renewable sources which will generate electricity at varying levels for much longer periods.

Current flexible generation projects

Conrad Energy has a large portfolio of power plants strategically located across the UK. Please click on the interactive map to learn about our operational, construction and development stage projects.

In construction
Development project

Example projects


Technology: Gas
Capacity: 20MW

This 8 generator project was constructed by Conrad in 2018 and is supplying fast response power to meet demand during peak periods and periods of generation shortfall.

Conrad Energy Matching project


Technology: Gas
Capacity: 6MW

This 3 generator plant is located in an active rural yard space to the east of the village of Matching Green. This project will generate sufficient local electricity for 3600 average homes.