Flexible generation

Our flexible generation assets across the UK enable the proliferation of renewable power.

We bridge the gap between conventional and greener energy solutions.

Our flexible generation fleet provides essential support for increasing levels of renewable power, complementing our storage assets and supporting the UK’s transition to a low-carbon economy. Key to balancing the grid, our installations power the equivalent of over a million homes, mostly when variable wind and solar assets are not able to.

Current flexible generation projects

Conrad Energy has a large portfolio of power plants strategically located across the UK. Please click on the interactive map to learn about our operational, construction and development stage projects.

In construction
Development project

Recent projects


Technology: Gas
Capacity: 20MW

This 8 generator project was constructed by Conrad in 2018 and is supplying fast response power to meet demand during peak periods and periods of generation shortfall.

Conrad Energy Matching project


Technology: Gas
Capacity: 6MW

This 3 generator plant is located in an active rural yard space to the east of the village of Matching Green. This project will generate sufficient local electricity for 3600 average homes.

Conrad Energy Calne project


Technology: Gas
Capacity: 6MW

This 3 generator project will be operational in summer 2019. It is co-located in an active haulage yard to the north of Calne. The project will provide flexible power to balance the local electricity network.