Our technology

iON+ is the technology that powers our business

Developed over a number of years, iON+ is the technology that powers our business – optimising everything we do. iON+ enables us to operate and maintain our own and our customers’ assets as efficiently as possible.

It is a unique modular platform that allows us to trade and dispatch our fleet autonomously with no requirement for human interaction should we choose. This means effortless management of assets, minimising down-time.

The iON+ goal was, and is, to make Conrad Energy the most efficient market responder. We developed the software to deliver market-leading sophistication in the management of flexible power generation, renewable energy and battery storage assets.

iON+ consists of 4 key products:

iON+ Optimise

Uses machine learning and automation to ensures our trades are made at the best possible time and place to capitalise on the prevailing market conditions

iON+ Despatch

Identifies the most appropriate asset to turn on for the shortest possible time to fulfil the trade – saving money and reducing carbon

iON+ Operate

Ensures our fleet is running smoothly, alerting the closest, qualified engineer if a fault occurs – maximising our up-time

iON+ Analyse

Provides market-leading insight into the performance of the assets we manage

iON+ is able to perform at speed for most of its monitoring & automation tasks and gives us several cutting-edge capabilities, allowing us to:

Transact in seconds on the EPEX market for Intraday and Day Ahead via our in-house trading bot

Alert/update out-of-sync assets with their new position in the blink of an eye

Reconcile our entire portfolio’s traded position and update each asset’s dispatch profile almost instantaneously

Produce insight and reports in seconds – equipping our operations team and trading desks with valuable data in real-time

Technology is at the heart of Conrad Energy and will remain so, ensuring that we’re effective and efficient in everything we do.