Landowner partnerships

Leverage your land with Conrad Energy

If you own land, we can help you leverage it to create long-term revenue.

Conrad Energy works in partnership with landowners, fully funding projects which provide secure income without capital cost. Hosting a solar farm, battery storage system or hydrogen installation generates long-term revenue for you and renewable energy for others too.

Our leases normally last 25 to 40 years, securing the viability of your land for future generations. Developments – on agricultural or industrial land – generally increase land value too, due to the associated ongoing revenue stream.

Is your land suitable?

We’re looking for partners with land which is:

  • In close proximity to an electrical substation, overhead line or buried cable
  • Not within a designated area i.e. AONB, National Park, SSSI
  • Either rural or industrial

Unsure if your land is suitable? Call us on 01235 427290 and we’ll help you find out.

The partnership process

If you’d like to unlock the potential of your land, here’s a guide to the steps we follow.

Initial telephone discussion

Conrad Energy investigates feasibility and reports back to landowner

If there is potential, landowner signs a letter of authority

We confirm viability of connection to grid

Once viability is confirmed, headline commercial terms are agreed

We proceed to site survey, design work and planning

We fund and manage the entire project, including on-going operations and maintenance

Partnership benefits

  • Secure an index-linked, reliable income stream, avoiding fluctuations caused by weather or changes in the prices of feed, fertiliser and other supplies
  • Conserve your capital – projects are fully funded from start to end by Conrad Energy, backed by I Squared Capital – one of the world’s largest infrastructure investment funds
  • Secure your farm or land for the long-term with a lease of 25-40 years which creates both income security and viability
  • Potentially increase land value with an energy project by securing an on-going revenue stream and improving the soil structure and nutrient value

Let’s power change together.

Talk to our energy experts today on 01235 427290 about your potential revenue.

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