On-site generation

Your own energy supply for greater security and lower bills

Conrad Energy helps UK businesses to reduce their costs and carbon footprint as well as improving the security of their supply by installing on or near-site energy solutions at no cost to your business. Pay for energy on a fixed term at a fixed rate for complete peace of mind and achieve savings of up to 30% on your bills.

We’ll advise on the best energy technology for your needs, manage the end-to-end process and fully fund the installation to generate electricity directly for your business. Whether solar on the roof of your premises, a combined heat and power system next to your site, the creation of a microgrid or another suitable alternative, all are low carbon solutions.

Whatever the system, we will professionally manage the end-to-end process, from concept and planning through to design, build, operation and maintenance.

Your business benefits from a highly competitive fixed energy price for the long-term without any initial outlay or standing charges. You will save carbon while reducing reliance on the grid too – and with the right system design you can avoid any interruptions in the event of power cuts. What’s more, any excess energy can be sold back to the grid by our licensed team, earning you a new and effortless revenue stream.

“As a Leisure Centre, soaring energy prices last year were putting us near the point of closure. No one was prepared to offer us a fixed rate contract when our previous contract ended. We were looking for a solution that would reduce our energy costs and importantly also our carbon footprint. Conrad Energy offered a standout end-to-end solution that met all our objectives, helping save the centre for the community.”

Jake Parry, General Manager, RiversMeet

Benefits for your business

  • No costs to your business for installation, on-going operation or maintenance
  • Lower energy prices for the long-term – substantial savings of up to 30%
  • Fixed prices provide stability for long-term planning and budgeting
  • New revenue stream from excess energy benefits your business bottom line
  • Low carbon solutions contribute to your corporate sustainability targets
  • On-site generation provides energy security, reducing reliance on the grid
  • Our expertise is your advantage – from build through to ongoing support

Energy technologies

Our experts work with you to find the right fit for your needs from the following technologies:

Solar panels

Environmentally friendly, low cost, safe and easily accessible source of renewable energy.

Battery storage systems

Provide uninterrupted supply with storage and discharge capabilities that can link to prices.

Combined heat and power

Converting gas to electricity and heat, providing power whenever you need it.

Hydrogen fuel cells

Generate high efficiency power and are maintenance light with high uptime.

Wind turbines

Perfect alongside solar-PV panels – combined they offer almost entirely renewable supply.

Hydrogen production

Low carbon gas with huge potential, made from electrolysis of water using renewable electricity.

Microgrid controls

Self-sufficient systems which intelligently monitor and control energy in specific geographies.

Critical power systems

Standby gensets and Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) can provide increased resilience when working alongside other energy solutions.

Smart controls

Manage energy systems, prioritising generation sources to achieve cost and carbon savings.

Let’s power change together.

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