Deemed and Out of Contract Rates

What does this mean?

Have you recently moved into your business premises and we supply your electricity? If you haven’t agreed a contract with us, Conrad Energy won’t leave you without power. You will go onto what’s known as a ‘Deemed Contract’.  Until you agree a new contract with us, or until you switch to a new supplier, we’ll charge you our Deemed Rates. As these rates are not fixed they may change at any time, but we will be in touch if they do. 

Out of Contract Rates

Out of Contract Rates apply to the electricity we supply after a fixed term contract ends. This is when a customer’s provided notice of their intention not to renew or extend their fixed term. We’ll charge you these rates until you agree a new contract or switch to another supplier. Please note that these rates are not fixed, they may change at any time and we will let you know if they do.

You can find our Out of Contract Rates for the Distribution Use of System (DUoS) Tariff that are applied to your electricity supply connection below.

Deemed and Out of Contract Rates from 1 July 2023:

DUoS TariffAvailability ChargeCCLDay RateNight RateStanding Charge
Non-Domestic Aggregated No Residual0.000.7832.2423.78100.34
Non-Domestic Aggregated Band 10.000.7832.2423.78111.26
Non-Domestic Aggregated Band 20.000.7832.2423.78153.74
Non-Domestic Aggregated Band 30.000.7832.2423.78227.01
Non-Domestic Aggregated Band 40.000.7832.2423.78504.78
LV Site Specific No Residual4.700.7831.7023.77104.43
LV Site Specific Band 14.700.7831.7023.77753.42
LV Site Specific Band 24.700.7831.7023.771,306.11
LV Site Specific Band 34.700.7831.7023.772,011.88
LV Site Specific Band 44.700.7831.7023.774,309.15
HV Site Specific No Residual3.700.7830.3723.27203.43
HV Site Specific Band 13.700.7830.3723.273,839.96
HV Site Specific Band 23.700.7830.3723.2710,600.96
HV Site Specific Band 33.700.7830.3723.2721,748.21
HV Site Specific Band 43.700.7830.3723.2754,515.28

For Profile Class 0 (Half Hourly), all units will be charged at the ‘Day Energy Rate’ price for energy consumed between 7:00am – Midnight and the ‘Night Energy Rate’ price for energy consumed between midnight and 7:00am. In addition, we’ll pass through, at cost, VAT, Climate Change Levy, Reactive Power and ‘Other costs’ and charges relating to special visits.

Energy Bill Relief Scheme (EBRS) and Qualifying Financially Disadvantaged Customers (QFDC)

Under the Government’s Energy Bill Relief Scheme (EBRS), customers who are eligible will benefit from an additional discount on energy consumed from the 11th November 2022 to the 31st March 2023. A Qualifying Financially Disadvantaged Customers (QFDC) discount will be applied to our Standard Out of Contract and Deemed Rates. This is to reflect the reduced debt risk associated with the Government support under the EBRS which will currently run until the 31st March 2023. This is shown as a unit rate in the table below and will be updated in line with updates to our normal Out of Contract and Deemed unit rates.

DUoS TariffAvailability ChargeCCLDay RateNight RateStanding Charge
Non-Domestic Aggregated No Residual0.000.7831.2723.07100.34
Non-Domestic Aggregated Band 10.000.7831.2723.07111.26
Non-Domestic Aggregated Band 20.000.7831.2723.07153.74
Non-Domestic Aggregated Band 30.000.7831.2723.07227.01
Non-Domestic Aggregated Band 40.000.7831.2723.07504.78
LV Site Specific No Residual4.700.7830.7523.06104.43
LV Site Specific Band 14.700.7830.7523.06753.42
LV Site Specific Band 24.700.7830.7523.061,306.11
LV Site Specific Band 34.700.7830.7523.062,011.88
LV Site Specific Band 44.700.7830.7523.064,309.15
HV Site Specific No Residual3.700.7829.4622.57203.43
HV Site Specific Band 13.700.7829.4622.573,839.96
HV Site Specific Band 23.700.7829.4622.5710,600.96
HV Site Specific Band 33.700.7829.4622.5721,748.21
HV Site Specific Band 43.700.7829.4622.5754,515.28

Export Out of Contract Rates

Out of Contract Rates apply to customers who export electricity when their fixed term contract ends and have not agreed a new contract or switched to a new supplier. We will pay 80% of the System Sell Price for the electricity exported.

Call us now to get a better deal

If you don’t get in touch with us, you may end up paying more than you need to. Our Out of Contract Rates tend to be higher than our contract rates, so you could get a better deal by contacting us on 01235 427290.