Farmers Weekly Transition Partnership site visit

We were incredibly excited to host the Farmers Weekly Transition Partnership at our battery site in Winchester last week as part of their Alternative Land Uses series.

It was a great opportunity for farmers and landowners to visit one of our sites and understand what they can do to become part of the energy transition. Topics covered included planning (David Long of BCM), legal (Mark Charter, Partner at Thrings) and tax (Kate Hardy of Albert Goodman) implications for renewable developments, better farm energy use (Tim Foster of Conrad Energy) and how solar power can reduce costs and generate revenue (George Hall at Conrad Energy and Nick Keeler of Solar South West). Not forgetting what was a lively group discussion of the opportunities and challenges on farm renewable developments.

We’d like to thank our partners for their input to making this day impactful. The road to net zero is paved with collaborations like this.

Photo credit: Hugh Nutt