Pathfinder: ensuring a safe and reliable electricity grid

Conrad Energy is trusted by National Grid ESO to help deliver long-term stability to the power network, and help the UK achieve its ambitions of a net-zero electricity system from 2035.

The National Grid ESO launched the Pathfinder procurement in response to the increasing amounts of energy generated from renewable and low carbon sources, leading to a greater need for stability services on the network, all to ensure a safe and reliable electricity grid.

As part of our Pathfinder contract, awarded in November 2022 under the third round of procurement, we are developing two sites which will contribute towards enabling a renewable electricity network. Our two identified sites will host synchronous condensers, specialised equipment that does not generate power but provides stability and voltage support to the electricity network, particularly when system faults occur within the power grid.

“These projects are essential components in the UK’s efforts to run a stable electricity grid as we remove the reliance on fossil fuels. The sites at Yaxley and Walpole will provide stability to the regional grid network and ultimately keep power flowing, whilst reducing costs to the consumer.”

Philip Silk, Development Director, Conrad Energy

Throughout the planning process we are engaging and involving local communities. You can find out more on our project pages or, to talk about a specific project, get in touch with us via