Planning achieved for our 50MW battery site in Taunton

In another step forward in our ability to help support the National Grid at times of system stress, our 50MW battery energy storage site in Taunton has received planning permission.

Once operational the site can meet the average electricity needs of around 115,000 homes for 2 hours. Our proprietary in-house software will optimise the site, enhancing the ability of the batteries to increase the UK’s energy security, adding to the portfolio of assets we optimise for ourselves and clients.

Our bio-sensitive design for the site includes extensive tree planting and screening, with a predicted biodiversity net gain of 59.48% and 31.23% net gain in hedgerow units, both of which well exceed the target value of 10% set out in the recent Environment Act.

“The environmental benefits on this site are significant. We’ll be planting local English woodland hedgerows whilst incorporating existing mature features of the local landscape. It’s a fantastic opportunity for us to improve local ecology whilst addressing the energy trilemma.”

George Hall, Project Manager for the development stage of the project, Conrad Energy