Conrad Energy partners with DT Gen to provide resilient power solutions

We’re focused on reducing customer energy costs and saving carbon. We’ve partnered with DTGen one of the country’s leading generator specialists focused on the provision of critical black start power generators to offer their large customer base fully funded, on site, complete energy solutions which will save customers money and reduce their carbon emissions while maintaining critical black start capabilities when required.

Controlling rising energy costs while maintaining a secure energy supply is an increasing area of concern for businesses. The agreement between Conrad Energy and DTGen will offer a range of technology solutions to high energy use sectors that require resilient energy supplies, such as data centres, hospitals, and airports, enabling them to keep their operations running smoothly in the event of power outages while driving down costs and supporting ESG objectives.

Mark Kelly, Conrad Energy’s Head of Power Solutions, says, “We’re extremely excited that this partnership will provide bespoke, resilient, power solutions to large energy consumers. The combined strength of the organisations will mean customers can enjoy large savings and custom solutions that are aligned with their sustainability objectives. It’s a very interesting time in the energy space and our fully funded solutions lands at a great time for customers looking for creative solutions.

The deployment of green gas CHP, hydrogen ready technologies, battery storage, fuel cells, solar panels and other technology will future proof customers energy costs and the ability to also draw upon the in-house energy trading team at Conrad Energy will also give customers access to the energy markets when generation is not all needed on site, allowing for an optimised full-service solution.

DTGen will provide ongoing operations and maintenance support, building on its long history of providing critical standby power solutions to thousands of customers across the UK. David Oates, Managing Director at DTGen, said: “We are continuing to find new and improved ways to provide resilient power supplies to our customers. As the UK experiences more extreme weather patterns and questions are raised about the reliability and long-term sustainability of our grid network, more and more consumers and businesses are choosing solutions that put them in control of their power. Thanks to our partnership with Conrad Energy, and our long-established position in the UK’s standby generator market, we are ideally positioned to install, service and support a variety of power solutions.