Bringing hydrogen ready power to the UK with Bloom Energy and ENWL

We are excited to announce our latest collaboration, which will combine future-proof, fuel flexible technology with local energy services to help the UK achieve our net-zero carbon emissions goals. In association with Bloom Energy and Electricity North West (Construction and Maintenance) Limited (ENWCL) we are working on the development, construction and operation of behind-the-meter (BtM) projects to bring Bloom Energy’s solid oxide power generation platform to the UK market.

Hydrogen is well-suited for an array of applications and unlocks a net-zero emissions future for hard-to-decarbonize heavy industries. Industrial stakeholders in the UK will be able to transition toward a green energy supply as hydrogen production infrastructure continues to mature with the support of aggressive UK government targets. The collaboration creates a strong foundation that will help the UK achieve its net zero carbon emissions goals by 2050, including a hydrogen strategy that aims for five gigawatts of low carbon hydrogen production capacity by 2030.

Fully financed by Conrad Energy, Bloom’s Energy Servers bring additional value to customers in terms of energy savings and the ability to support microgrid configurations, ensuring continuity of operations for mission critical loads with continuous inverter-based power. The technology will be offered to customers under a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) structure, removing upfront capital costs while providing cost predictability across the term of the contract.

“This collaboration is very exciting for Conrad Energy as we continue our strong growth into new technologies, which provide future proof solutions to our customers,” said Chris Shears, development director, Conrad Energy. “We believe the resilient power provided by fuel cells will have a vital role to play in reducing emissions and energy costs.”