Power Purchase Agreements

Over the summer, Ethical Power turned to Conrad Energy to help maximise the value of their assets through a route-to-market Power Purchase Agreement.

“We particularly appreciated Conrad Energy’s approach to client management and commitment to building long-term relationships,” said Thomas Kneen, CEO of Ethical Power. “The energy markets are moving at such pace and with so many new entrants, it was important to us to not only gain a bankable PPA but to work with a partner who embraced the same values as we do. Conrad Energy has also opened up new markets for us, adding DNO flexibility contracts to the assets as well as securing great value for us in the traded markets.”

“As we head into the colder months, our flexible generation portfolio will play a key role in balancing the variable UK power market,” says Dave Wilkerson, our Head of Business Development. “Trading Ethical Power’s assets alongside ours is enabling us to further support National Grid as they meet fluctuating demand. We can use the invaluable experience we’ve gained on our own assets to make sure that we can offer the same level of commitment to clients like Ethical Power.”

If you would like to speak to Dave about PPAs, drop him a line on ppa@conradenergy.co.uk