Power purchase agreements

Optimise the value of your energy assets

Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) from Conrad Energy enable you to maximise the value of the power you deliver. Whatever the technology, we put you at the forefront of the energy revolution.

Start profiting from your power today

With over 600MW of our own flexible generation assets, we drive value across all of the available markets and revenue streams. Working collaboratively with our clients creates a strong relationship and enables us to deliver exactly what you are looking for.

Working in partnership to deliver results for you

Talk to us today to find out how your projects can benefit from a PPA with Conrad Energy. Call us now on 01235 427290, or email us at ppa@conradenergy.co.uk

Our PPA products

Key to our approach is flexibility, competitiveness and risk management. Highly responsive to client needs, we have access to all markets and a level of deep understanding that comes with trading more than 50 assets belonging to us and a range of third parties.

Our robust, bankable PPAs provide investors with:

  • Best in class customer service
  • Certainty and stability through price and revenue floors
  • Flexibility in product structures
  • Competitive pricing and fees as we seek to grow our portfolio
  • Access to our latest innovations and thinking
  • A counterparty with a strong balance sheet.

Flexible assets – gas peakers, CHP and battery storage

Our intimate knowledge of the market through the eyes of a generator gives us an edge; the way our PPAs are structured means that our interests are aligned with yours. The stronger your asset performs in the market, the better we all do.

Market access includes:

  • Balancing mechanism
  • Day ahead and within day optimisation
  • Fix & Flex products, allowing forward fixing and OTC trading
  • DNO flexibility services
  • National Grid balancing services
  • Capacity market

Renewable PPAs

On the path to net zero, we can support you in ensuring your renewable projects maximise their revenue and minimise risk. We can operate across technologies including:

PPA for wind energy

Wind (onshore and offshore)

PPA for solar energy


PPA for Anaerobic digestion and biomethane energy

Anaerobic digestion and biomethane

PPA for tidal and wave energy

Tidal and wave

PPA for hydro energy


PPA for biomass energy


PPA for energy from waste

Energy from waste

Our contract structures are designed to offer stability and put you in control, allowing for:

  • Short- and long-term contracts
  • Fixed prices or variable index-linked pricing
  • Low balancing fees
  • Price floors
  • Fix & Flex products
  • ROC, REGO and FiT products

Fix & Flex puts you in control. You can follow the market moves and choose exactly when to fix your PPA price, for any term that’s available. You have access to all the market prices our traders can find, and bank the profits if the market moves for you.

Talk to us today about optimising the value of your energy assets through a PPA. Submit your details below and one of our energy experts will be in touch shortly to discuss your options.