Landowner partnerships

We develop long-term partnerships with our landowners, offering them a secure income which is fully funded by Conrad Energy.

If you’re a landowner looking for a new opportunity, hosting an energy project such as a solar farm, battery storage system or hydrogen installation allows you to take advantage of a long-term revenue stream and maximise your land assets.

If you are considering hosting an energy development, talk to us today on 01235 427290.

Why should you consider hosting an energy development?

Index linked stable income

External factors, such as the unexpected weather conditions or a hike in the price of feed, can unavoidably and significantly change the viability of traditional farming. An energy development offers the opportunity to secure part or all of your income at regular intervals, without the risk of seasonal or yield variation.

Fully funded

Conrad Energy fully funds solar, battery and hydrogen energy projects, from feasibility studies through to ongoing operational maintenance. We are backed by iSquared Global, an independent global infrastructure investment manager focusing on energy, utilities, telecom, transport and social infrastructure in the Americas, Europe and Asia.

Per acre revenue

We can host a development on either agricultural or industrial land. The income potential can be considerable and is based on capacity available and either per MW or per acre. Contact us to start a discussion.

If you would rather sell us your land please get in touch.


Our leases are long-term – normally for between 25 and 40 years. This length of lease can secure your farms’ viability for the future and offer security for future generations. An energy development offers the ideal opportunity for transference of wealth whilst contributing to the UK’s energy needs.

Land value

Once the energy development has been built, the land is likely to have increased in value as it has an existing and ongoing revenue stream. You are able to sell or pass on the land during the lease term, we would just need to agree a contract with the new landowner.

If you are hosting a solar development and, for the duration of the lease, the land has been used for ecological improvements or grazing sheep, the soil structure and nutrient value of the land should have been improved, meaning its’ agricultural value could increase.

What are Conrad Energy looking for?

Not within a designated area

Not within a designated area i.e. AONB, National Park, SSSI

Close to an electrical substation, overhead line or buried cable

Within close proximity to an electrical substation, overhead line or buried cable

100 metres from residential receptor

At least 100 metres from the nearest residential receptor

Rural or industrial

Can be either rural or industrial

How does it work?

After our initial discussion with you, we will investigate the feasibility of your land for an energy development and report back on available opportunities. If your land has potential for an energy installation, we will require you to sign a letter of authority for us to confirm the viability of a connection to the national grid. Once we know your site is viable we can agree headline commercial terms and proceed with site surveys, design work and planning. To give you complete peace of mind, we will manage, deal with and fund all elements of the project.

Working closely with you, we will fully fund the installation, and manage the ongoing operations and maintenance of the panels and equipment throughout their life.

We are always happy to introduce potential landowners to our existing energy development hosts at operating plants and to arrange visits.

We can also look at reducing your energy costs through:

  • Implementing improved energy efficiency measures
  • Optimising existing infrastructure
  • Installing a range of technologies appropriate to your needs.
Lease your land - solar farm


Stage 1

Initial enquiry

Stage 2

Desktop review of site and connection availability

4 weeks

Stage 3

Submit grid application to network operator

12 weeks

Stage 4

Agree heads of terms for project

4 weeks

Stage 5

Prepare and submit planning application. Agree legal documents.

30 weeks

Stage 6

Secure consent and commence construction followed by operation.

25-40 years

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