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Energy prices are rising. Energy security is plummeting.

We are all concerned about our environmental impact.

Conrad Energy is the UK’s largest flexible power producer, but there’s more to us than you might think. As a portfolio company of I Squared Capital, Conrad Energy is a financially stable partner for short- or long-term plans to help you save money and maximise your energy assets.

We work with commercial clients and landowners to put in place energy import arrangements and maximise the potential of on-site energy generation. We reduce your energy costs by implementing improved energy efficiency measures, optimizing existing infrastructure and installing a range of technologies appropriate to your needs. Our trading services allow owners of all generation assets to gain access to the markets, maximising revenue and minimising cost.

We offer fully funded, on site, generation solutions that reduce the amount of expensive imported electricity your business consumes and also supply the balance of any imported electricity at market competitive rates. This complete energy solution offers large savings and peace of mind to our customers.

Exploring your energy options with Conrad Energy may help you reduce your bills, maximise revenue for any existing electricity generation, provide a long-term income stream to supplement your business and lower your carbon footprint. Tell us about your energy consumption and we will talk you through the available options to help decrease your carbon footprint and monetize your land assets.

Connect with us today by registering your interest and a member of our team will be in touch to talk about your available energy options.

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