If you’re a landowner looking for a new opportunity, electricity generation allows you to take advantage of a long-term royalty stream and maximise land assets.

Conrad Energy partners with landowners across a range of site locations.

After an initial option period, we enter into a long-term lease, either for a complete parcel of land or co-locating our generation project within a larger yard space. We adopt a flexible approach to ensure the needs of both tenant and landlord are balanced. Our ambition is to ensure a long and positive relationship with all our landowners which provides for a fixed, secure long term income stream.

Generation mix

Many projects comprise of two to five gas powered generators, each producing 1 to 3MW of electricity, depending on the specification. The engines are efficient and quiet in operation and are generally housed in modular steel units very similar to shipping containers. The technology is very well proven and reliable with several large manufacturers such as GE, MTU and Caterpillar supplying equipment.

0.10 Ha – 0.30 Ha (0.25 acres – 0.75 acres) of land will generally accommodate a viable scheme and we can configure the project to fit into different shaped areas as required.

The site will need to be in proximity to the medium pressure gas network. If you are not sure don’t worry, we can check this – it is often closer than you think! Similarly, proximity to a grid connection to export electricity to customers is essential.

We develop battery storage sites, which have similar requirements other than a gas connection. We are also developing solar assets with a growing portfolio of ground mount and rooftop projects.

We will produce a constraints map to identify potential issues and undertake a planning review to determine the potential the site could have to secure planning consent.

Conrad Energy covers all costs to develop, construct, own and operate a project. We will meet our Landlord’s reasonable professional costs in reviewing legal documentation to ensure you have appropriate protections in place, but at a practical level we are always available to talk issues through and pride ourselves on open and honest communication.

We are always happy to introduce you to landowners at operating plants and to arrange visits.