Energy Management Services

Conrad provides an energy consultancy service for the commercial sector.

If you’re a corporate looking to maximise the potential of your back-up generation or your supply and import arrangements for your own power demands, our energy management services can help. We improve energy efficiency by reviewing existing arrangements and advise on revenue optimisation, cost saving arrangements and additional generation opportunities to maximise current grid capacity.

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Large Energy Users

For businesses with large electricity bills and some space on or adjacent to their site(s), Conrad is able to provide energy efficient solutions. We can provide:

  • Guaranteed savings on your energy bills
  • Asset Optimisation and Energy Trading services for your existing on-site generation, storage and flexible demand
  • Triad Management
  • All capital required for any additional on-site assets
  • Expertise in permitting, construction and O&M
  • Private wire solutions and on-site energy optimisation
  • Access to revenues from National Grid balancing services
  • Power Purchase Agreement (PPA Provider)

Whatever the size of your commercial business, we can help you maximise your revenue and minimise your energy costs. Please contact us below for further information and to discuss your particular needs.