Commercial energy solutions

For businesses, the questions of energy resilience, emissions and cost are major factors as the UK’s electricity needs look set to triple by 2050.

Conrad Energy provides full-service energy solutions for commercial clients. If you are a business looking to maximise the potential of your existing generation or optimise your supply and import arrangements, our energy experts can help target outsize savings on your energy bills.


  • Supply electricity.
  • Fund everything to develop, construct, own and operate a generation project at your premises.
  • Put in place long term partnerships on flexible terms.
  • Adopt a flexible approach to ensure your needs are met and balanced.
  • Consider a range of technologies to meet your needs.
  • Secure optimised energy services for existing on-site generation.
  • Flexible turn down or turn up services to your DNO.
  • Take care of triad management.
  • Scope options at our risk including grid expert potential.
  • Put our expertise in permitting, construction, operations and maintenance to work.
  • Optimise private wire solutions from our existing assets.
  • Offer shared revenue models for balancing services.
  • Drive value through Power Purchase Agreements that flex to business planning cycles.

Whatever the size of your commercial business, we can help you maximise your revenue and minimise your energy costs. Please contact us below for further information and to discuss your particular needs. We will provide free feedback without obligation.